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Pyranguard® 73mg Pyrantel Pamoate for Cats & Kittens

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Pyranguard®  73mg Pyrantel Pamoate for Cats & Kittens
Pyranguard®  73mg Pyrantel Pamoate for Cats & Kittens
Pyranguard®  73mg Pyrantel Pamoate for Cats & Kittens
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Pyranguard®  73mg Pyrantel Pamoate for Cats & Kittens
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73mg of USP grade Pyrantel Pamoate blended with smoked fish in an easy to use clear gelatin capsule. Our products are much easier to use compared to messy liquid formulations.

  • 73mg USP Pyrantel Pamoate for Cats and Kittens
  • Pyrantel starts working in 24hrs
  • No preservatives and 100% real smoked meats 
  • Easier to use than artificial flavor tablets or chews!
  • Guardian's products are formulated to better your cat's quality of life.


Product Reviews (3)

  • 5

    good stuf

    good stuff

  • 5

    Rescue approved!

    Were a small rescue and we've been using Guardian products for over 6 years. Since were a longtime customer, our sales rep Killian asked us to write product reviews, and we were happy to oblige! Initially we used to purchase from our local feed store until one day we met one of their sales reps while shopping. We invited him and he came to visit our rescue. Before leaving he graciously donated 3 months of free products. Our feed store doesnt carry all of their product lines we got to try all of their stuff including this product. We buy online now since Guardian gives us a rescue discount and the cost savings even without the discount are tremendous. Money/donations are the lifeblood of a rescue operation and the money we save using guardian allows us to onboard about 10 more dogs than we could normally afford to. Guardian products are literally saving the lives of 10 dogs per month! Killian, our sales rep is outstanding. He still stops by when he's in our neck of the woods. We cant enough good things about the company and their products.

  • 5

    Great stuff

    Great product. Easy on my kittens and cats. A couple of doses in an initial dosage gets rid of parasites. No throwing up, no sickness, and no creepy worm things crawling in catbox. Great price. I use to be 10. Now I just buy 50. I shared some with a woman with her first kitten. I also gave your link to a woman on a property with many cats initially to help some young kittens who weren't well and I thought they were parasite infested.